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Turtle Beach Vibe

Turtle Beach Vibe

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This is a ready to press sublimation transfer only! You will not receive a finished product, only the transfer itself.

We use the highest quality sublimation printers, ink and paper. They have been tested and proven to provide the best quality prints onto sublimation materials, when applied properly.

Must Know:                                                                                                                   -Each Transfer is a one time use.
-Sublimation will not work on cotton or dark fabrics.
-Must use polyester fabric 65%-100%                                                                    -Must use sublimation approved materials
-Image color may vary due to computer and mobile screens.
-Image will look faded until pressed on a shirt.                                                         -The transfers will NOT have a watermark, it will come ready to press.

Sublimation Instructions:                                                                                          -Set your heat press to 385/400 degrees, time varies with each heat press.                -Place sheets of white copy paper or parchment paper inside your shirt to prevent bleed through.                                                                                                     -Position your transfer face down (use heat tape if desired) and cover with Teflon sheet or parchment  paper.                                                                                            -Press Time: 45-60 seconds depending on your heat press. Remove transfer immediately

I am not responsible for any pressing errors.

I do not accept returns for sublimation transfers.

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