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Jack Sparrow's Happy Hour Anytime Old No. 7

Jack Sparrow's Happy Hour Anytime Old No. 7

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This is a ready to press HTV transfer only! You will not receive a finished product, only the transfer itself.

We use the highest quality printers, ink and vinyl. They have been tested and proven to provide the best quality prints when applied properly.

Must Know:                                                                                                                       - Each transfer is a one time use.
- Each transfer will come with a mask that you can reuse up to 5 -10 times for other transfers                                                                                                                            - HTV will work on any type of fabrics.
- Image color may vary due to computer and mobile screens                                            - The transfers will NOT have a watermark, it will come ready to press.

HTV Instructions:                                                                                                                - Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds                                                                                     - Apply design at 305 degrees, each heat press varies                                                        - Use medium pressure for 10 -15 seconds                                                                         - Peel carrier hot or cold

I am not responsible for any pressing errors.

I do not accept returns for HTV transfers.

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